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The best Minecraft news and information from around the web.

Fantasia Universe Fantasia Universe
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  Happy 5th Birthday Fantasia!  

Happy 5th birthday Fantasia! I can't believe another year has already gone by. Thank you to all of you that still enjoy and support Fantasia. You are all amazing and I couldn't ask for a better community! Let's hope our dear Fantasia can survive many more years!

Mojang Mojang
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  Journey to the West skins now on PE and Windows 10  


We’ve made even more skins for you players of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition Beta.

In celebration of Year of The Monkey, we’ve created a pack based on Journey to the West - an ancient Chinese novel by Wu Cheng’en. You might not have heard of that, but you probably know about such awesome things as Digimon, Monkey, and Dragon Ball. All of those were inspired by Journey to the West.

The story is full of over the top, awesome-looking, adventurers, which is why we thought it would be an excellent fit for Minecraft. Check below for an illustrative moving image.

Everyone can download Red Boy and Guanyin for free, but pay $1.99 (or equivalent) and you’ll get Princess Iron Fan, Lord Hundred-Eyes, Bull Demon King, Monkey King, Jade Emperor, Monk Pig, Friar Sand, Lady Earth Flow, Spider Demon,Xuanzang, Pale Bone Demon and a Black Wind Demon.

If you haven’t tried Minecraft: Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Edition beta, what are you waiting for? Head to the Windows Store, the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store or The Amazon Store and buy it! We don’t even mind if you buy every version but only play one. We have plenty of bandwidth to spare.


Owen - @bopogamel

Minecraft Update News Minecraft Update News
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  Realms price drop and free trials!  

Hi everybody! We’re lowering the price and now you can get Realms on a recurring subscription for £5.59/€7.19/$7.99 per 30 days. And anyone who hasn’t previously owned a Realm can now sign up for a 14 day trial via the Realms menu in game.

Read the whole story here :)

News News
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  Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Update  As of today, December 15, we’ve updated Curse’s privacy policy to better reflect the services we offer and where we’re at as a company.
News News
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  Minecraft Win10: "Journey to the West" Pack Available!  


Ready for some new skins? We certainly are! The Lunar New Year is upon us, and Microsoft is bringing the celebration to Minecraft with a new pack, inspired by the Journey to the West, a 16th century Chinese novel. You can get the Journey to the West skin pack right now; it includes 15 different characters, listed below! The pack costs $1.99, but you will be able to download the characters Red Boy and Guanyin for free, regardless of purchase.


The pack is only available for Windows 10 Edition, and Pocket Edition. For the time-being, it is not believed the packs will be available on other platforms, though that may change in the future. Keep an eye out, they just might show up unexpectedly!


The pack includes the following skins:


  • Black Wind Demon
  • Bull Demon King
  • Friar Sand
  • Guanyin
  • Jade Emperor
  • Lady Earth Flow
  • Lord Hundred-Eyes
  • Monk Pig
  • Monkey King
  • Pale Bone Demon
  • Princess Iron Fan
  • Red Boy
  • Scorpion Demon
  • Spider Demon
  • Xuanzang

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The Minecraft Blog The Minecraft Blog
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  Event Updates  

Hey there, everyone. I just wanted to take the time to remind you all about some upcoming events on the Core Server. 

First, we will be extending the January Build Contest into February, since we (mostly I) haven’t had much time to devote to it lately. You have until Monday, February 29th to submit your Love-themed build to the forums. As always, the winner gets a free month of Sponsorship, as well as other goodies. Visit the forums for details.

Next, we will be resuming Saturday Night Events this month, with Cards Against Humanity being held this Saturday, February 6th, at 10pm Eastern. The link and password for the game will be distributed on the Discord server, so if you want to play, you will have to join up and talk to us!

Speaking of love, next week we will be hosting the 2nd TMB Valentine’s Week Event. This is a mini-event where players can chat with Cupid and complete quests around NCC. As always, there will be exclusive collectibles, as well as other prizes. The event will run from this Sunday (2/7) through next Sunday (2/14). Bringing a date is not required!

Lastly, for all you city slickers, keep an eye out for some news about CityZen. There’s big news coming about it real soon.

The BEST Free Minecraft Mods on the net! The BEST Free Minecraft Mods on the net!
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The Daily Block The Daily Block
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  golonkaswe: Stellar rays.  


Stellar rays.

The Minecraft Book! The Minecraft Book!
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  The Minecraft Book Video Tutorial Series-  How to Find...  

The Minecraft Book

Video Tutorial Series-  How to Find Diamonds

From YouTube user

Here’s a simple how to video with regard to finding diamonds.  I agree with this chap that he got lucky in finding diamonds so quickly, but generally speaking, this is the way to do it.  Sinking several mineshafts into various walls than having branches off those shafts is the way to reliably find diamonds.  But make sure you don’t get lost.

To avoid getting lost, follow this tip:  Place all torches on the wall to your right, not on the floor.  Then, if you get turned around somehow, you will remember that going out from your base, all the torches on the walls are on the right side, so if you want to go back, simply make sure that all the torches are to your left, and follow the trail back.

crafthub.net - Latest entries crafthub.net - Latest entries
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  1.8 Pre-Release..... Released!  

The bountiful update has been sewn together nicely by Mojang and we've been presented with a pre-release for testing! Here is a small roundup of what we have as part of 1.8!

 First of all we have an enormous pile of new blocks to play with!

  • Andesite, Granite and Diorite with a polished version of both
  • Bouncy Slime Blocks
  • Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Brick and Sea Lanterns
  • Red Sandstone, Smooth and Chiseled Red Sandstone, Stairs and Slabs
  • Sponge Blocks
  • Coarse Dirt
  • Chiseled and Mossy Stone Brick, and Mossy Cobblestone crafting recipes.
  • Barrier Blocks

We were treated to a new generated structure for our 1.8 worlds, as well as several new mobs and drops.

  • Ocean Monument / Underwater Temple made up of the new prismarine blocks and sea lanterns and inhabited by two varieties of the Temple Guardian mobs. These drop shards to create the brick types, lanterns, and sponge blocks.
  • Endermen now have a chance to spawn Endermites when teleporting.
  • Rabbits were added to the game and they drop rabbit hide, raw rabbit and rabbit's foot. This has allowed the addition of Cooked Rabbit and Rabbit Stew cooking recipes, crafting of leather with hides and the brewing of Potions of Leaping.
  • Sheep now drop mutton for yet another animal food source!

Other new items added to our arsenal of goodies for our 1.8 update include 

  • The Iron Trapdoor
  • Buttons may now be placed on all surfaces of a block.
  • Armor Stands.
  • Customizable banners.
  • Doors, fences and fence gates now have a unique texture/color for each wood type used to craft them.

We had a massive shake up of the enchanting system, with lapis added as currency and levels required for renaming items have changed. Villager trading has changed dramatically changed with the addition of new villager types and the splitting of item trades off into their different villager types. Villager breeding has changed and farmers will now harvest and replant wheat crops. Player skins also got a makeover with two layers that may be toggled on and off in game, as well as individual skins for each leg and arm.

Mojang have introduced Spectator mode - game mode 3, a fully customizable world generation tool, a modifiable world border function and many WorldEdit style commands for the modification of world terrain. Adventure map makers were treated to a pile of new commands for command blocks, and a big scoreboard update.  

For the full list of changed please feel free to visit the official Mojang website article here. You may also report any bugs directly to Mojang if you are playing on the pre-released version of the game!  

Enjoy this article? Feel free to visit and register on our forums at forum.crafthub.net and say hello! You may also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more news articles and Minecraft related information. If there is an article you'd like to see or if you'd like to write for CraftHub, send your ideas or questions to writers@crafthub.net.

Pantzz is a CraftHub author and sub-moderator. You can find him on Twitter at @PantzCo

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